Descriptive statistics for the results of this study appear in Table 2. The mean starting weight for African-American females was 187.92 pounds and 189.64 pounds for European-American females; there was no significant difference in starting weights. The analysis demonstrated a statistically significant main effect of treatment (F=l 14.84, p<0.001). There was no significant main effect of ethnicity (F=0.00, p>0.05), and the interaction between ethnicity and treatment was also nonsignificant (F=2.60, p>0.05).

The mean weight loss after six months of LEAN Program participation was 12.12 pounds. There was a low-to-moderate but statistically significant correlation between follow-up visits and weight loss (p<0.05). Age, education, and race were not significantly correlated to weight loss. buy antibiotics canada

Table 2

N Weight (lbs.)


Weight (Pre)
Entire sample 65 188.95


African Americans 26 187.92


European Americans 39 189.64


Weight (Six-Month Follow-Up)
Entire sample 65 176.93


African Americans 26 177.92


European Americans 39 176.10


Pounds (Pre to Post)
Entire sample 65 12.12


African Americans 26 10.00


European Americans 39 13.5



This retrospective study identified the effectiveness of the TAMC LEAN Program for weight management among African-American and European-American women that participated between July 1998 and December 2001. The results indicate that the program is associated with significant weight loss for participants and that it is equally effective for African-American and European-American women. This study also identified that weekly follow-up visits were correlated with greater weight loss.