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Renal impairment and medication: DISCUSSION(3)

Two possibilities may explain this finding. First, the institution pharmacy plays an active consultation role with physicians by reviewing medications and dosages. Several studies have demonstrated that the number of medication errors decrease with the involvement of pharmacists . The second possibility is that only one physician was assigned to each ward. Other investigators have […]

Renal impairment and medication: DISCUSSION(2)

Stratification of the data according to diagnosis revealed that renal impairment may be more frequent among patients with organic disorders (eg, Alzheimer’s disease). However, this observation may be an artifact of older age and lower body weight among this group. It would be desirable to identify if an etiological link exists between renal clearance and […]

Renal impairment and medication: DISCUSSION(1)

The prevalence of renal impairment in this study, using CCr as the criterion, was 35%. This proportion is in sharp contrast with a prevalence of less than 10% among community-dwelling adults, and less than 20% among those aged 80 years or older . However, the authors used the Cockcroft and Gault equation to determine renal […]

Renal impairment and medication: RESULTS(2)

Patient data by diagnosis are presented in Table 1. These data suggest that differences in age, weight and renal impairment could be present across diagnostic groups. Patients with organic appeared older, had a lower body mass and were more likely to have renal impairment. Unfortunately, the sample size was too small for formal subgroup analyses.

Renal impairment and medication: RESULTS(1)

The mean age of the 37 patients present in both wards was 75.1 years (95% CI, 72.6 to 77.6), and 18 (49%) of the patients were women. Average weight was 69.7 kg (95% CI, 63.5 to 75.8). Eight patients (22%) had an organic mental disorder, 15 (41%) had a psychotic disorder, six (16%) had a […]

Renal impairment and medication: METHODS

This study focused on patients residing in two psychogeriatric wards of a 117-bed psychiatric hospital located in a small urban area of Ontario. One ward is for older adults with dementia (eg, Alzheimer’s disease), the other for older adults with primary psychotic illnesses (eg, schizophrenia). Both wards have a 25-bed capacity. Using chart abstraction, data […]

Renal impairment and medication use among psychogeriatric inpatients(3)

One contributing variable to the problem of adverse drug events is the discrepancy between the medication dosages older adults take and their kidneys’ ability to eliminate these medications. Consequently, geriatric pharmacologists have determined optimal dosages for common Canadian medications under varying conditions of renal clearance capacity . Yet, in a systematic review of prescribing errors […]