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Acceptability and Face Validity: DISCUSSION part 2

In considering the recall section, participants stated that asking patients to describe their medications is an important aspect of the SMAT. Indeed, patients who understand their disease, the need for treatment, and the role of their medications are generally more likely to adhere to medication regimens. Evidence is also available that the ability to recall […]

Acceptability and Face Validity: DISCUSSION

Interviews and a questionnaire were used to evaluate the face validity of the SMAT, an instrument that incorporates evidence-based components to determine functional, cognitive, and recall capabilities, as well as self-reported adherence and purposeful nonadherence. The study presented here is the first phase of a larger project, the second phase of which involved determining the […]

Acceptability and Face Validity: RESULTS part 2

Purposeful Nonadherence Both pharmacists and pharmacy students commented that the 3 questions for measuring purposeful nonadherence would likely yield reliable information, as the language used in these questions was nonconfrontational and invited honest answers (Table 1). The inclusion of a direct question about the cost of medications was recommended. Scoring Participants raised the following issues […]

Acceptability and Face Validity: RESULTS

A total of 17 pharmacists and 3 pharmacy students agreed to participate. The interview groups varied in size: 1 group of 5 persons, 1 group of 3 persons, 4 groups of 2 persons each, and 4 interviews with individual participants. The majority of pharmacists (13/17) had more than 5 years of experience. Eleven pharmacists and […]

Acceptability and Face Validity: METHODS part 2

Recruitment of Participants A standardized invitation was sent to 40 community pharmacies and to the pharmacy department managers at 3 regional health authorities in southeastern New Brunswick. The community and hospital managers were asked to forward the invitation to all pharmacists and pharmacy students working at their sites, a total of about 300 individuals. All […]

Acceptability and Face Validity: METHODS

Design of Instrument To address identified gaps in existing tools for assessing capacity for self-medication, the researchers designed an instrument with 5 assessment scales to measure function, cognition, medication recall, self-reported adherence, and intentional or purposeful nonadherence. Most of the items in these assessment scales were developed by the authors, although some items were adapted […]

Acceptability and Face Validity

INTRODUCTION For more than a decade, pharmacists have used screening tools to identify patients eligible for institution-based self- medication programs. Many of these tools have been derived from an instrument that focused on older patients’ functional ability to take medication. Evaluations have included assess­ment of motor skills for opening and closing vials or removing tablets, […]