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Cutaneous Infection by Fusarium solani Associated: DISCUSSION

Fusarium species may cause a variety of skin infections ranging from onychomycosis in healthy hosts to widely disseminated lesions in immuno­compromised patients with hematogenously disse­minated multiple organic infections. A variety of skin infections accompany Fusarium infections including red or gray macules or papules, which progress to central ulceration or eschar formation, purpuric papules, pustules, and […]

Cutaneous Infection by Fusarium solani Associated: CASE REPORT

A 67-year-old man presented at our clinic with a two-month history of multiple cutaneous ulcers on his right foot. Physical examination revealed multiple areas of necrotic ulceration with eschar formation and purulent discharge on dorsal surface and the 4th toeweb of right foot (Fig. 1). At first, we did not examine the peripheral pulses because […]

Cutaneous Infection by Fusarium solani Associated

INTRODUCTION Fusarium infections do not play a prominent role in human mycoses because Fusarium species are weakly invasive and are considered opportunistic pathogens. Thus, most infections are found in patients with neoplastic or other debilitating diseases maintained by immunosuppressive drugs, or in a severely burned or immunocompromised host. The Fusarium infection’s portals of entry include […]