Papulonodular mucinosis


Papulonodular mucinosis (PNM) is a variant of lupus erythematosus (LE), and PNM is charac­terized by dermal mucin deposition without any of the other histological features of LE. Although this malady was first recognized as early as 1954, PNM associated with LE has been reported for fewer than 50 patients. There has been only one reported case of PNM associated with systemic LE in the Korean dermatologic literature. A recent review reported that about 75% of the PNM cases were associated with systemic LE, 20% were associated with discoid LE and 5% were associated with subacute cutaneous LE. PNM is primarily associated with other cu­taneous eruptions in patients with established LE and the PNM fluctuates with the LE disease ac­tivity. At times, however, PNM can be the only cutaneous manifestation of LE. We herein describe a patient who experienced papular mucinosis as the only cutaneous lesion of his systemic LE.
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