The resulting ACCP Membership Directory and Refer­ral Guide is a 900-plus page storehouse of information about over 14,000 ACCP members. Education, spe­cialty training, board certification and current status are clearly and completely shown in the city-by-city geographic listing.

Additionally, a unique section categorizes the en­tries by specialty, so that it takes only a moment to find pulmonary specialists in Omaha, cardiologists in Miami, cardiovascular surgeons in Toronto. Because the world is growing smaller, these listings also extend to Paris and Sydney, Buenos Aires and Tokyo, Haifa and Belgrade.

The ACCP takes great pride in its stringent require­ments for Fellowship. Those who are granted that deservedly respected Fellowship certificate have been thoroughly vetted. Their training and certification have been verified, their standing in the medical community attested by their peers. Their subsequent listing in the Directory is evidence of the high regard in which they are held by their colleagues. levitra plus

In an often-confusing milieu, the ACCP Membership Directory and Referral Guide is an all-too-rare exam­ple of a truly useful reference source. The names listed are those of the best in the cardiopulmonary and allied specialties; the data shown for each are informative . . . and verified!

We think our pride is pardonable.