As a palliative treatment for various obstructive tracheobronchial diseases, the usefulness of YAG laser resection has been established. Unfortunately, however, the laser can only remove endoluminal obstruction and is contraindicated in patients with extrinsic compression of the airways. Another limitation on laser resection is that if the cartilaginous rings maintaining the trachea open have been destroyed only a short reprieve can be achieved and repeated resection will thus be required.

At face value, insertion of an endobronchial pros­thesis would be a good technique in these desperate cases for it would procure immediate and lasting relief. Surprisingly, however, few practitioners have reported palliative intubation of the tracheobronchial tree. Moreover, most attempts have been made using tubes originally designed for other purposes, namely, esoph­ageal stents or T-tubes. In this report we describe our experience with tracheobronchial intubation using a prosthesis that we developed especially for that pur­pose. viagra 10 mg