Chronic liver disease

The Brighton report noted a trend toward classification of AIH on the basis of serum autoantibody profiles, with ANA- and/or SMA-positive patients being defined as type 1, and those patients with anti-LKM1 being defined as type 2; also, there were proposals for several other subdivisions along these lines. It was acknowledged that such a classification may be useful for research purposes, but because the various subdivisions did not appear to define distinct clinical or pathogenetic groups, it could not be recommended for general application. The report noted that overlap between AIH and other diseases (particularly PBC and PSC) was well recognized but that there were insufficient data on these relatively rare cases to make recommendations about criteria for their differential diagnosis from AIH. It also noted that due to the uncertainties that existed at that time about false-positivity in testing for HCV infection, there was insufficient evidence to draw conclusions about a possible relationship between HCV and AIH. Accordingly, the panel recommended that anti-HCV-seropositive patients could be included within the category of probable AIH pending clarification of their HCV status. You will always be glad to find cheap flovent inhaler and enjoy your online shopping.