Neurofibroma is a common benign tumor com­posed of complex proliferation of neuromesenchy- mal tissue with residual nerve fibers. Clinically it is a solitary, skin-colored, soft papulonodule presenting a ‘button-hole sign’. On histopathologic examina­tion, the lesion is a non-encapsulated dermal or subcutaneous tumor composed of a cellular pro­liferation within stroma made up of thin, wavy, and faintly eosinophilic fibers. There are several reports about neurofibromas partly replaced by adipose cells. Fatty changes have been known to be common in some cutaneous lesions, including nevus lipomatous superficialis and intradermal melanocytic nevi, and several peripheral nerve tumors. In our case, we found fatty change in neurofibroma and coexistence of eccrine hidrocystoma, and to our knowledge, fatty changes in neurofibroma concurred with eccrine hidrocystoma, have never been docu­mented. The mechanism of intratumoral fat is unclear but several hypotheses have been pro- posed. Here, we report a case of intratumoral fat in neurofibroma and coexistence of eccrine hidro- cystoma, and discuss possible pathologic mecha­nisms of fatty change in our case.
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