Severe dependence on oral opioids: STATISTICAL ANALYSIS(4)Pharmacological treatment(s) in hospital

Twenty-eight (48%) patients were withdrawn from their oral opioids by substituting a tapering regimen of methadone. Another 23 (40%) patients received methadone plus another drug treatment (16 on diazepam, four on clonidine and three on imipramine), and seven patients did not receive any pharmacotherapy. The mean daily dose of methadone received was 20.2 mg (range of mean daily doses 11 to 40 mg), and the mean duration of methadone treatment was 5.7 days (range one to nine days). Adjunct cialis professional 20 mg were given when needed to alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms and included non-narcotic analgesics (36%) and antidiarrheals (21%). In addition, most patients received other nonpharma-cological treatment (eg, counselling).


Patients were discharged from hospital after a mean duration of eight days (range four to 14 days). Four years after discharge, 15 patients (26%) received further treatment at the ARF. Two patients were admitted to the out-patient methadone program (one patient had previously used heroin, and one patient was currently using heroin), two received treatment at the ARF walk-in clinic and 11 (19%) were later readmitted to the medical ward for additional treatment. Forty-three patients had no record of further treatment at ARF, but this does not exclude the possibility that they may have received treatment elsewhere.