Family history of substance use disorders

The population studied had a strong family history of substance use. Fifty-two per cent of patients reported at least one close family member having problems with alcohol and/or other drugs. Alcohol problems were present in 31% of patients’ fathers.

Source of opioid supply

The majority of patients obtained opioids by going to different physicians (39%). Another frequent form of obtaining opioids included purchase on the street (26%); 26% of patients got their opioids primarily from one physician. Many patients used more than one method of acquiring the buy diabetes drugs. If the primary drug was not available, patients used over-the-counter opioid medications. Seven patients (12%) used over-the-counter codeine products as their primary opioid.

Previous admission to hospital for alcohol or drug problems

Of 58 patients, approximately half had no record of any previous treatment(s) for alcohol or drug problems. Of 28 patients with documented history of prior treatments, 42% had sought treatment for problems with opioid use, and 21% for multiple drug use.