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Interestingly, peripheral plasma ET-1 concentrations changed with the stage of the estrous cycle. The plasma ET-1 concentration was highest around luteolysis and es-trus. This increase might correspond to a gradual increase in ET-1 concentration in JVP after PGF2(> injection at the midluteal stage in the present study. The extent of the ET-1 increase in both […]

Indeed, the present data on the hormonal changes in OVP ipsilateral to the regressing CL appear to support the above hypothesis. Namely, ET-1 concentrations in OVP increased in two distinct periods. The first increase in ET-1 release began 2 h after PGF2a injection, when the acute ОТ release almost dropped to the baseline, and lasted […]

These findings point to the possible intracellular mechanisms involved in PGF2a stimulation of ET-1 secretion: ET-1 secretion is regulated at the transcriptional step from prepro-ET-1, and since endothelial cells do not have secretory granules, ET-1 must be secreted by a constitutive pathway. buy flovent inhaler

The results of the present study clearly demonstrated that the injection of PGF2a rapidly increased ET-1 release in both the regressing CL and the ovarian venous blood in the cow, and provides further direct evidence that luteal ET-1 interacts with PGF2a during luteolysis. The expected local concentration of ET-1 in the intercellular fluid within the CL […]

Changes in ET-1, ОТ, and P4 Concentrations in OVP and JVP during PGFJa-lnduced Luteolysis Changes in ET-1, ОТ, and P4 concentrations in OVP and JVP in 2 cows are shown in Figure 3. The P4 concentration in OVP rapidly started to decrease after PGF2„ injection. The change with time corresponded well to that of JVP. […]

Plasma Concentrations of ET-1 and P4 during the Estrous Cycle Changes in peripheral plasma concentrations of ET-1 and P4 during the estrous cycle are shown in Figure 1. The cows showed the second estrus on Days 21-22. Plasma ET-1 concentrations changed with the stage of the cycle (p < 0.05). ET-1 remained at basal concentrations […]

The standard curve of ОТ ranged from 1.6 to 200 pg/ml, and the ED50 of the assay was 21 pg/ml. The intra- and interassay CVs of the ОТ assay were on average 6.2% and 8.6%, respectively. buy asthma inhalers