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Consequently, the final outcome was adjusted for all patients during the first week. In class III, as previously discussed, the initial prognostic classification was always correct. Moreover, for 15 patients, the occurrence of complications worsened the estimated prognosis. Most of them (14/15) occurred during the first week of the ICU stay. The final outcome was, […]

Our results suggest some additional comments. First, the incidence of complications occurring during the ICU stay appeared quite different according to the initial severity of infection and/or underlying diseases: from class I to class III, we observed a significantly increased occurrence of HA-LRT superinfections, nonspecific CAP-related complications, and sepsis-related complications. Second, if the prognostic impact […]

Attention is drawn to the apparently wide differences between initial estimated mortality risk and final outcome. After evaluation with initial predictors of mortality and establishment of the initial risk score, 153 patients were in the low-risk class I. The overall estimated mortality rate in this class was 4%. Among these patients, 145 (95%) exhibited an […]

The other two predictors, age > 40 years and nonaspiration pneumonia, call for some comments. The impact of age on CAP prognosis appears quite controversial. In some studies, age was an independent predictor of mortality. In others, age affected neither in-hospital mortality nor the outcome during the 24 months after discharge. However, in most of these […]

For patients exhibiting HA-LRT superinfections with no other complication, mortality rates were 25% (1/4) in initial risk class I, 27% (10/37) in class II, and 44% (4/9) in class III. Those differences were not statistically significant (p = 0.58). Conversely, mortality rates observed in patients exhibiting nonspecific CAP-related complications or sepsis-related complications (without any other […]

Figure 1 shows the initial classification of patients in three risk classes on ICU admission, as well as the ultimate adjustment in each initial risk class. In initial risk class I, eight patients had complications leading to a final outcome adjustment (> 2 points); all of the complications occurred during the first week of the […]

During the ICU stay, CAP-related complications occurred in 115 patients. Sepsis-related complications (n = 52) included delayed septic shock (n = 20), ARDS (n = 10), multiple organ failure (n = 20), and diffusion of initial pulmonary infection (n = 2: empyema and purulent meningitidis, each in one case). HA-LRT superinfections occurred in 63 cases. […]