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The combination of the two could be used for continuous approximation of intra-pulmonary shunt, and the addition of noninvasive techniques for cardiac output measurements would provide on-line trends in oxygen uptake. Conversely, if Vo2 were measured by gas exchange, cardiac output could be readily estimated. With such information the clinician would be better able to […]

The 02 saturation values for the pulmonary artery and superior vena cava were generally in close accordance throughout all the experimental conditions of this study. Furthermore, during abrupt changes in the oxygen supply to demand ratio, changes in Scv02 matched changes in Sv02 almost immediately. Hypoxia caused the greatest divergence of values with an average […]

In vitro Oz Saturation Measurements The correlation between Sv02 and Scv02 for the first series of experiments obtained from intermittent simultaneous blood sampling is shown in Figure 1. The individual correlation coefficients between the two sites for each of 22 dogs ranged from 0.92 to 0.99. The various experimental interventions, from hyperoxia to severe hypoxia, […]

In the second series of 14 dogs, mixed and central venous Oa saturations were continuously monitored with fiberoptic catheters introduced through the right external jugular vein. The PA catheter was a Swan Ganz oximetry TD catheter (7.5 F, American Edwards Lab). After inflating the balloon with 1.0 ml of air, we placed the catheter tip […]

The recent addition of fiberoptic sensors in pulmonary artery (PA) catheters has made possible the continuous monitoring of mixed venous oxygen saturation (Sv02). This can be helpful in patient management, because changes in Sv02 indicate changes in the balance of 02 supply and demand and thereby provide an index of tissue oxygenation, even without the […]