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In patients with TMI, the level of PMN-generated superoxide anion induced by plasma collected 30 mins after dipyridamole administration was significantly less than that induced by plasma collected before dipyridamole was administered. This indicates that potent stimuli were not present or their concentration was too low to cause a significant increase in superoxide anion production. […]

In the group of patients with TMI there was no decrease in superoxide anion generation by PMN incubated with plasma collected 5 mins after dipyridamole infusion. In these patients, short ischemia and subsequent reperfusion occurred during and for 5 mins following dipyridamole administration. We theorized that during this period various factors that can activate neutrophils […]

We previously reported that plasma peroxide level was increased during positive exercise and dipyridamole stress test . Neutrophils are one of the main sources of extracellular toxic oxygen derivatives (oxygen free radicals, hydrogen peroxide), substances responsible for the appearance of oxidative stress. Thus, we hypothesized that TMI observed during positive diagnostic tests of IHD could […]

Differences between the groups: The only significant difference between the two groups was that PMN superoxide production induced by plasma in the samples collected 5 mins after dipyridamole administration was significantly higher in the positive than in the negative SPECT patients (P=0.0176). Your online shopping for Buy Claritin online is going to be as advantageous […]

Superoxide anion production by neutrophils incubated in the presence of plasma – Negative SPECT group: Superoxide anion release by neutrophils incubated with plasma obtained before dipyridamole infusion (305.00±63.90 pmol/2.5×105 PMN/30 mins) was significantly higher (P=0.0313) than with plasma sampled 5 mins after drug administration (177.20±56.30 pmol/2.5×105 PMN/30 mins) (Figure 1A). Superoxide anion production in plasma […]

RESULTS Statistical analyses: All statistical calculations were conducted with the use of InStat2 software (GraphPad, San Diego, California, USA). All categorical data were analyzed using Fisher’s exact test for P. Within-group patient age and superoxide anion production data, and between-group plasma-mediated superoxide anion production by neutrophils were compared by two-tailed, nonparametric, unpaired Mann-Whitney test. P<0.05 […]

 Assay of superoxide anion production by PMN: Superoxide anion release by neutrophils was determined according to modified methods of Pick . The assay is based on the superoxide dismutase inhibitable cytochrome c reduction. Briefly, 50 mL of refrozen plasma, 100 |mL of 2.5×106 PMN/mL and 50 |jL of MHS or 50 |jL of 180 U/mL […]