Mesothelioma Category

The present-day classification of mesotheliomas is based on several clinicopathologic criteria. Grossly the tumor is divided into diffuse and localized types. Microscopically the tumor is judged by the degree of pleomorphism and angiogenesis, and the number of mitoses. Histologically subdivisions are made based on tissue organization: epithelial (carcinomatous), mesenchymal (fibrous), or mixed. Our report describes […]

Mesothelioma is a primary tumor of the serosal surface. Although the mesothelium lines various parts of the body, including the peritoneum, pericardium, and genital tract, a primary tumor of this structure most commonly arises from the pleura. Controversy has existed regarding the actual existence of pleural mesotheliomas. Traditionally, tumors in the pleural space were believed […]