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The significant morbidity and mortality associated with long-term tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation” have led investigators to question the routine use of ventilatory support in the treatment of moderate to severe NIC. Noninvasive modes of management such as epidural analgesia in conjunction with vigorous physiotherapy, fluid restriction, diuretics, steroids, and IV albumin, or CPAP by […]

The tendency for changes on chest x-ray films to lag behind V/Q changes is more difficult to explain. It is known that the radiologic appearance of alveolar opacifications (eg, lobar pneumonia) may lag behind clinical findings and that these opacifications may exist long after clinical recovery. A similar discrepancy between clinical and radiologic findings might be the reason for […]

This V/Q mismatching is the main reason for gas exchange disturbances in patients with NIC. Additional factors that may cause bilateral changes on chest x-ray film and V/Q studies on admission in patients with multiple injuries are occult fat embolism and structural lung disease. Fat embolism is common with simple extremity fractures and initially results […]

The principal findings of our study are that V/Q studies are useful parameters to define the extent as well as changes in regional lung function in patients with unilateral NIC. Within 24 h of chest injury, V/Q abnormalities are significantly more extensive than suggested by chest x-ray film abnormalities. These chest x-ray film changes as […]

There was a tendency for chest x-ray changes to worsen on the second day, while the reverse was true for ventilation and perfusion studies (Fig 1). In six patients, the direction of change of x-ray film and V/ Q abnormalities were the same, with the magnitude of V/Q changes more pronounced than the chest x-ray […]

Statistical Analysis Differences between values and groups were assessed using Students t test or the Mann-Whitney U test as appropriate. All values are expressed as the mean ± SEM, and significance was attributed to values with an associated p<0.05. Results The median age of the 28 patients was 39 years (range, 19 to 59); 15 […]

A normovolemic state was established and all blood or air drained from pleural cavities before V/Q studies. The impairment of ventilation was estimated by the percentage decrease of activity during the wash-in phase or delayed clearance of activity during the washout phase. Impairment of perfusion was reported in a similar manner. An AP chest roentgenogram […]