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Barium swallow and upper endoscopy series demonstrate nonspecific features and only define the presence of a polypoid esophageal tumour. The accuracy of the diagnosis is enhanced by computed tomography scan and magnetic resonance imaging because of the fatty nature of the lesion. However, relying solely on these methods could lead to misdiagnosis because of their […]

Liposarcomas comprise 9.8% to 16% of all soft tissue sarcomas. These are the most common sarcomas of the lower extremities and retroperitoneum. Esophageal liposarco-mas are very rare, slowly growing tumours that arise from the soft tissue layers of the esophagus. Those tumours are believed to originate from primitive mesenchymal cells rather than mature adipose tissue. […]

The patient is currently awaiting a second surgery for a more radical resection. Of note, she had presented with exactly the same symptoms 25 years earlier while working as a missionary in Africa. At that time, after a vomiting episode, a mass that hung from her mouth to her neck had been extruded. According to […]

The excised specimen consisted of an 8.5×4.5×3 cm polypoid mass with bosselated focally ulcerated surface. Cut section demonstrated yellowish-white areas that were more or less completely circumscribed by greyish fibrous-appearing tissue (Figure 4). A lobulated adipose tumour with fibrous septae was seen on microscopic examination. The cellular component was predominantly made up of mature adipocytes […]

A 68-year-old woman had a four-month history of progressive dysphagia, initially to solid food and then to liquids. An upper endoscopy demonstrated a polypoid mass of the proximal esophagus, extending from 18 to 31 cm. An endo-luminal esophageal polyp was seen on upper gastrointestinal series, while computed tomography scan demonstrated that the polyp had a lipomatous […]

Lipomatous tumours are rarely seen in the gastrointestinal tract. They have an incidence of 0.1% to 5.8% at autopsy and are predominantly found in the terminal ileum and colon. The esophagus is the least frequent alimentary tract location, comprising only 1.2% to 1.5% of all gastrointestinal lipomas. A variety of sarcomatous tumours of the esophagus […]