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Secondary hypoparathyroidism with permanent hypocalcemia is a well recognized complication after thyroid surgery, reach­ing up to 30% after total thyroidectomy. More rarely, hypoparathyroidism can occur as a congenital primary disor­der, characterized by genetic heterogeneity. Perma­nent hypoparathyroidism is one of the most difficult of all en­docrine disorders to treat medically. This is particularly true for subjects […]

Quality control of the biopolymer and cytotoxicity testing The biopolymer used in this investigation expressed a whole set of quality control measures as it is produced under GMP conditions. The biopolymer was highly biocompatible, as demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. For each lot a whole set of quality controls was routinely performed, such as […]

Quality control of the biopolymer and cytotoxicity testing Three different batches (a-c) of biocompatible alginate isolated from freshly collected Laminaria pallida were tested in eight replicates, using three different cell lines (mouse, ape, human): L-929 (DSMZ # ACC 2), VERO-B4 (DSMZ ACC # 33) and NHDF (CellSystems, St. Katharinen, Germany). Experi­ments were repeated five times. […]

Introduction Attempts to transplant parathyroid glands began almost a cen­tury ago, only two decades after the organ had been discov­ered, with the demonstration by histologic means that canine parathyroid autografts survived. Graft function was as­sessed only fifty years later, with the demonstration that parathyroid transplanted tissue in rodents functions sufficiently to maintain the host in […]