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Atrial Pacing-Induced Ischemia with Elevated CK-MB Isoenzyme Level The existence of elevated CK-MB isoenzyme level in the presence of normal total CK is questioned due to the fact that small amounts of CK-MB isoenzyme released from the heart during a myocardial ischemic or micronecrotic event are diluted in the peripheral blood, rendering the detection of […]

The CK-MB isoenzyme is present in healthy individuals in minute amounts, undetectable by the routinely employed electrophoretic methods. Pathologically elevated CK-MB isoenzyme levels occur in massive skeletal muscular necrosis or myocardial necrosis. The percentage of CK-MB isoenzyme in peripheral blood will be significantly higher when myocardial necrosis occurs than when massive skeletal muscular necrosis occurs […]

In all patients, acute myocardial ischemia documented by ST depressions, horizontal or down-sloping of more than 2 mm (2.7 ±0.5), and thallium reversible perfusion defects were induced. Eight patients had an anteroseptal defect, five patients had apical and septal defects, and two patients had an inferior wall defect. In the 15 patients studied, there was […]

Exercise Stress Test and Thallium 201 Scintigraphy The subjects from groups 1 and 2 underwent multistage exercise stress testing on supine bicycle ergometry. A 12-lead ECG was obtained for every stage of the exercise and during recovery. Exercise was stopped when the patients complained of severe chest pain, shortness of breath, extreme weakness or when […]

Enzyme Measurements Blood samples, for both total CK and CK-MB isoenzyme levels, were obtained during each stage of the study. In groups 1 and 2 the samples were taken before and at 1, 4, 6 and 25 h after the exercise test In group 3, blood was drawn simultaneously from the peripheral vein and the […]

Patient Population Forty-one subjects, 36 men and five women, participated in the study. Thirty-five subjects underwent exercise stress test (ergometry) with ECG recordings and thallium 201 scintigraphy. For the remaining six patients, atrial pacing was carried out. The study population then was divided into three groups. Group 1 comprised 20 subjects (14 men and four […]

Elevation of CK-MB isoenzyme in the blood of patients with ischemic heart disease has been established as a very specific and sensitive diagnostic indicator of acute myocardial infarction. Usually the elevation of CK-MB isoenzyme in acute myocardial infarction is associated with an elevation of total CK far above the normal limits. Recently, however, several studies […]