Health Category - Part 17

Coordination and collaboration among public, private, and nonprofit groups is the cornerstone of the Healthy Cities and Communities philosophy. The road to collaboration is fraught with challenges. Turf issues, crossed communications, and conceptual misunderstandings all have the potential to derail rewarding, synergistic efforts. Nonetheless, collaboration has been a key ingredient in much of the Program’s […]

The Program takes a multi-tiered approach that includes technical assistance, funding, promotion, coordination and collaboration, systems reform, program evaluation, and celebration. Technical assistance. The goal of the Programs technical assistance services is to help participating cities and communities to develop, implement, and evaluate community-driven programs, policies, and plans for improved quality of life. Site-specific technical […]

California Healthy Cities and Communities is the longest running statewide program of its kind in the nation. After providing a brief history, the authors give an overview of the supporting activities and resources the Program provides to Healthy Cities and Communities initiatives throughout California. During the 1980s, efforts to improve health focused on changing the […]