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The color Doppler ultrasound technology distinguished between future anovulatory and ovulatory dominant follicles with reasonable accuracy. In the 11 control mares, the mean blood flow area was approximately twofold greater for the 30-mm ovulatory follicles than for the 30-mm anovulatory follicles. The lowest value in the ovulatory group was higher than each value in the […]

Three control mares were removed from the present study because of development of a hemorrhagic anovulatory follicle, an ovarian cyst, and a double ovulation, respectively. One sampled mare was removed because of a sampling problem. As a result, 11 control mares and 13 sampled mares were used. Dominant anovulatory follicles developed in 6 of 11 […]

Animals and Ultrasound Scanning Animals were handled in accordance with the Guide for Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research. A total of 28 nonlac-tating pony mares of mixed breeding (age, 9-17 yr; weight, 290-430 kg) were used. The experiment began on March 24, 2003 in the northern hemisphere (latitude, 43°N) during the […]

Mares have anovulatory and ovulatory seasons. The transition between the anovulatory and ovulatory seasons occurs in the spring and often is characterized by the formation of one or several sequential anovulatory dominant (diameter, >30 mm) follicles until a dominant ovulatory follicle terminates the anovulatory season. The number of mares developing dominant anovulatory follicles during the […]