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GRP and Small Cell Carcinoma GRP is a bombesin-like peptide present in mammalian tissues. The production of bombesin by lung cancer has been reported, and we have shown that bombesin-like peptide produced by lung cancers is more similar to GRP than bombesin, and that GRP is a very common product of SCLC compared with other […]

From recent progress in cancer research, the hypothesis has been proposed that cancer cells have the ability to produce growth factors and to stimulate tumorigenesis by responding to these factors. This mechanism is now known as the autocrine growth mechanism of cancer cells, and factors responsible for this mechanism are called autocrine growth factors. We […]

Phase 4: Defined population studies. The impact of an efficacious intervention is measured when carried out in a large, well-characterized population representative of the ultimate target group. Phase 5: Demonstration and implementation studies. The intervention that is proved to be effective and generalizable in the previous research phases is applied to a community at large. […]

Smokeless Tobacco Users This is the fastest growing segment of tobacco users. Over 12 million persons used some form of smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco and snufl) in 1985, and approximately 6 million used smokeless tobacco weekly or more often. Use is increasing, particularly among young males. Not only does this habit lead to oral and […]

Youths As many as 15% of all youths (aged 12-17) now smoke. Every day thousands of youths start smoking. The initiation of smoking is primarily an adolescent phenomenon; most young people begin experimenting with cigarettes at about 12 years of age. Hence, prevention efforts which are designed to motivate young people not to start smoking […]

Hispanic Americans The incidence of tobacco-related cancer death is currently lower among Hispanics than in the general US population. However, this advantage may be short-lived. Recent data indicate that Hispanic youths are smoking as much as, if not more than, their Anglo peers. Similar patterns are emerging among adults. For example, in the past 10 […]

Mass Media Strategies The mass media reaches thousands of people at one time and can have substantial influence on our lives. Just as the media are used to affect our purchasing behaviors, they can also be utilized to foster healthy lifestyles. In recent years, there has been an increase in mass media campaigns which are […]