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The present study found no statistically or clinically significant differences to support the hypotheses of early ethnic differences in acute physiological responses to menthol cigarette smoking and puff topography measures among teenage smokers seeking cessation treatment. Adolescent puff volumes found in the current study were similar to those reported by others. Higher CO in our […]

Sample Characteristics One-hundred-fifty-four teenagers participated in the smoking cessation trial, four of whom were neither African-American nor European-American. Additionally, 20 participants who did not smoke menthol cigarettes were excluded from this analysis, as well as two participants without available cardiovascular data, leaving a total of 128 participants for the present analysis. Table 1 provides smoking […]

Participants Candidates for this study were a sample of convenience of male and female adolescent smokers who enrolled in a smoking cessation study between September 1999 and May 2003. Participants were recruited through radio, print, and television advertisements broadly directed at Baltimore-area teenage smokers, with some ethnic-specific channels. Study eligibility required that participants be in […]

INTRODUCTION Compared to other ethnicities in the United States, African Americans incur disproportionate deleterious health consequences of tobacco smoking evidenced by higher rates of mortality due to tobacco-related diseases, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and possibly respiratory cancers. While ethnic differences in nicotine and cotinine metabolism, tobacco-use trajectory (i.e. onset and progression of smoking […]