evaluate 'symptoms' (part 4). AIMALS AND METHODS

Subsequently, another group of CM hamsters (n=6) was treated in the same way, except that the number of turns was recorded every 5 mins to determine duration and average speed of running.
Experiment 2 – ECG monitoring: Running CM hamsters (n=11) 180 to 200 days of age were anesthetized with isoflur-ane. Abdominal transmitters with ECG leads (model CTA-F20) from Data Sciences Inc (Minnesota, USA) (outside diameter 9 mm, length 22 mm, total weight 3.2 g) were implanted in the abdomen with the leads under the skin following the manufacturer’s specifications. The total procedure lasted about 20 mins. The battery was turned on using a magnet and hamsters returned to their cage immediately after surgery.Normal running resumed in one to two days, but often as soon as the night following surgery. Each cage was placed on top of a receiver (CTR 86 Physiotel, Data Sciences Inc) to pick up ECG signals. When the receiver sensitivity is set at maximum, receivers must be at least 1 m away from each other to avoid signal cross-contamination. The system that was used was adapted from that of Brockway et al, who described a telemetry system to monitor blood pressure and activity in rats. The present system consisted of 30 wheels (Nalge) connected to a computer. The number of turns was detected by a magnetic switch on the side of the wheel and stored and analyzed using Dataquest III.

The ECG signals (lead II) were collected and stored using a custom-built physiological recording system. ECG (lead II) signals must be sampled at least as frequently as 75 samples/s if the  CM hamsters implanted with transmitters were subsequently included in a study designed to evaluate the effects of metoprolol and captopril on running and survival. RR intervals and calculated heart rate were determined at rest (and on some occasions during exercise) before treatments were begun. Representative ECG signals of 0.5 to 1 min duration were analyzed using DADISP (DSP Development Corporation) software.For the purpose of comparing heart rates at rest, ECG transmitters were also implanted in two normal (CHF 148) hamsters. There is a wonderful pharmacy that you can take advantage of to get the amount of Asthma Inhalers Online you need, and it’s ready to offer its services to you right now, any moment you feel like starting to spend less of your money.