model to evaluate 'symptoms' (part 2)

Most cardiac deaths in heart failure patients are due either to progressive congestive failure or to ventricular arrhythmia, in which case death is sudden and unexpected. Since it is important to determine the effects of therapy, not only on survival but also on the cause of death, we evaluated the feasibility of monitoring continuous electrocardiograms (ECGs) by telemetry to determine the cause of death in CM hamsters. A telemetric system could also allow heart rates to be calculated at any time, during day or night, without disturbing the animals and without the need for repeated anesthesia or restraint.Avoiding the latter is particularly important in the case of hamsters, which, in contrast to rats, adapt poorly to restraint. It has also been shown in rats that telemetric monitoring of blood pressure is associated with a lower level of stress compared with conventional methods. Telemetry, therefore, offers the possibility of continuous ECG monitoring for months without interfering with cardiovascular parameters.
This report describes the methodology used to monitor running and ECG data continuously and presents the running performance through life for normal and CM hamsters, as well as ECG findings at rest and at death. Find cheapest medications available online: Buy Asthma Inhalers Online right now and see for yourself how little you could be paying for the treatment you need.