model to evaluate 'symptoms' (part 13). DISCUSSION

We found that heart rate and RR variability can be determined easily in 0.5 to 1 min samples or in 10 to 60 min samples from good quality signals when the ECG signals can be viewed and screened. For that purpose, our custom-made software helps us select and save short signals from a24h recording. DADISP software is extremely helpful in automating and viewing the process. DADISP can also be used to analyze and transform (eg, Fourier transform, spectral analysis) signals for RR variability. Spectral analysis has been shown to be useful for the assessment of the neural control of the heart rate, which is altered in congestive heart failure (19). We are pursuing this approach to determine whether RR variability is modified by disease, age or drug therapy in CM hamsters.
The running CM hamster with telemetric ECG is a novel heart failure model that appears to have good potential for assessing the effects of treatment on ‘symptoms’ as well as survival, cause of death and heart rate. In addition, it provides a very interesting animal model of heart failure for investigating the effects of normal voluntary exercise on disease progression, mortality and the effects of treatment. It’s time for you to save some of the money every time you buy ampicillin enjoying high level of service and amazingly cheap medications that can always be relied upon no matter which medical problems you have.