The primary aim of our study was not to evaluate the level of exercise per se, but rather to have a marker of ‘well-being’. Voluntary running appears to offer that marker. An interesting finding with running CM hamsters was that their median survival time was significantly shortened compared with that of ‘passive’ CM hamsters (ie, not provided with a wheel in their cage) kept under the same conditions. This could be partly explained by the fact that, although running was voluntary and training started early in life, the level of exercise was sufficient to induce cardiac hypertrophy and to accelerate the natural progression of the disease. This model can therefore be used to evaluate the effects of exercise in heart failure or its influence on drug therapy.We are currently conducting such experiments. ECG and cause of death: The telemetric approach for ECG recording of conscious animals appears to be ideal in hamsters, who adapt poorly to restraint and in whom repeated anesthesia is most probably detrimental. Furthermore, telemetry is a nondisturbing method of recording ECG and certainly offers a much better reflection of the pattern of ‘normal’ ECG than other methods. It also seems to be the best method to obtain ECG recording at death. The major limitation in monitoring ECG at death in a large number of hamsters is almost exclusively related to the cost of transmitters, receivers, computers and data storage. The information derived from running performance during the hours or days preceding death as well as histopathology assessment of different organs at death, which we reported previously, also help in determining the cause of death, whether arrhythmic, progressive failure or noncardiac (eg, hydronephrosis). Shop with pleasure with most reliable pharmacy you have ever seen, paying less for your Cheapest medications available at best pharmacy that you are free to try yourself! The best place to buy mircette and be sure you are offered finest quality medications right from their actual manufacturers, which you do not get that often these days. always being sure you are being treated with all due respect, being an important customer whose interests are respected and taken into account.