Running data: The small variability in voluntary running distance measured daily among hamsters of the same age, either normal or CM, and in day to day running distance for any single hamster allows valid group and/or treatment comparisons to be made using a relatively small number of animals. Our system was also designed to produce running ‘patterns’, ie, when, for how long and how much each hamster runs every night. By comparing the daily running distance of normal with that of CM hamsters, starting at the age of 60 days until 536 days or death, we were able to show that, although cardiac lesions in CM (CHF 147) hamsters are present early in life (30 to 60 days of age), it is not before about eight weeks preceding death from progressive failure that the voluntary daily running distance is reduced compared with normal hamsters. Most hamsters (seven of 10) did not run for about two weeks before they died with typical signs of heart failure. Therefore, in the absence of ECG records of death, the presence of significant running shortly (one to two days) before death may help determine the cause of death, which can then hardly be attributed to progressive heart failure.
On average, the decline in running compared with normal hamsters started at 280 to 300 days of age in CHF 147 CM hamsters. This finding is not that surprising considering that running was voluntary and that one would expect limiting symptoms to appear only at the later stage of the disease. It can be assumed that running had to offer some ‘pleasure’ or at least no discomfort to the hamster, which could stop at any time. Hansen and Rupp suggested that, in rats, spontaneous running is not associated with stressors. In fact, running may be seen as rewarding. Although the total distance run during one night may appear high, direct comparison of daily distance run with a human running the same distance is not valid. You can finally enjoy safe online shopping for Xopenex for Asthma with the pharmacy you can fully trust no matter if you need a small amount of this medicine or would like to purchase it in bulk not to have to think about it for a long time.