Sample Characteristics

One-hundred-fifty-four teenagers participated in the smoking cessation trial, four of whom were neither African-American nor European-American. Additionally, 20 participants who did not smoke menthol cigarettes were excluded from this analysis, as well as two participants without available cardiovascular data, leaving a total of 128 participants for the present analysis. Table 1 provides smoking history data for the sample. Of these participants, 41 were African-American (32%; 63% female) and 87 European-American (68%; 75% female). The mean ages of both groups were similar (African-American: 15.2 ± 1.15 years; European-American: 15.1 ±1.41 years), and participants started daily smoking at a similar age (African Americans: 13.0 ± 1.35 years; European Americans: 12.5 ± 1.51 years). African-American participants reported fewer previous quit attempts than European Americans (2.20 ± 1.45 vs. 3.12 ± 2.59; p=0.017) as previously found. No other ethnic differences in demographic characteristics, smoking histories, or body mass index were statistically significant in this sample (p<0.05).

Smoking Topography

Puff volume, maximum puff velocity, and puff duration for the entire sample and for African-American and European-American participants are shown in Table 1. Mean values for the two ethnic groups were similar and not statistically different.
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Figure 1. Adolescent Heart RateFigure 1. Adolescent Heart Rate,  and Carbon Monoxide Responses to Cigarette Smoking (Mean + SD)

Physiological Responses

Pre- and postsmoking physiological measures are shown in Figure 1. Baseline-adjusted means for post-smoking physiological measures were: SBP 123.8 mm Hg for African Americans vs. 124.6 mm Hg for Caucasians; DBP 74.3 mm Hg for African Americans vs. 73.5 mm Hg for European Americans; HR 97.8 bpm for African Americans vs. 97.4 bpm for European Americans; CO 19.9 ppm for African Americans vs. 20.0 ppm for European Americans. None of these differences were statistically or clinically significant. buy antibiotics canada