Flovent and gloomSome people, diagnosed with bronchial asthma and who used to buy Flovent inhaler, perfectly know that this medication is a highly efficient inhaled corticosteroid drug for treating asthma symptoms. Flovent is widely used for treating such asthma symptoms as wheezing while breathing and tightness in the chest. It is important to understand the direct purpose of use of your Flovent inhaler. The drug, being a corticosteroid medication, should not be used for treating an asthma attack that has already caught you, because the steroid effect occurs in several hours. Within this time an asthmatic can lose the consciousness, or even fatal outcome is possible.  That’s why it is necessary to differentiate long-acting inhaled corticosteroid and fast-acting bronchodilators. It is easy to do while looking for the necessary drug in a drugstore.  When you buy Flovent inhaler, pay attention to the color of its package: steroids are usually offered in darker color gamma than bronchodilators. Explain the difference to your child if the medication is for him or her.

Usually, patients buy Flovent inhaler being informed about its possible side effects and contraindications by their doctor. But there is a phenomenon that is not considered to be a side effect. One of the latest studies on the medication showed that there can be a strange connection between Flovent and emotional disturbance. While carrying out the medical trials, some of the participants claimed on depressive mood associated with using Fluticasone-containing inhalers. Although it is quite difficult to say whether this condition is a direct result of using Flovent, because depression was reported to occur in the time after the medication’s debut on the pharmaceutical market. Besides, the modern rhythm of life frequently makes people feel depressed and extremely tired without additional intake of drugs. This fact doesn’t let us be sure that depression is one of side effects caused by Flovent or other drug.

Generally known list of side effects caused by Flovent includes inflammation of upper respiratory organs, stomach pain of sense of discomfort after the intake, runny or itchy nose, dry mouth (as a result of decreased salvation), increased body weight, pain in muscles that may occur in bones, giddiness, muscle stiffness, and migraines. So, now we may say that depression may be included in this list.

Clinical studies held before did not show any sign of depressive mood condition and it was not considered to be even one of possible secondary effects of the drug.  Although since the first time people could buy Flovent inhaler, there appeared the first reports of unstable emotional state of people who used it. Taking into account the prevalence of depression in modern times and rarity of the latest reports about gloom amid those who buy Flovent inhalers, we find it difficult to make a conclusion whether it happens due to Flovent effect or other factors.

Anyway, if you notice any sign of a depression (frequently feel tired, dispirited or irritated, etc.), discuss it with your doctor and you will be able to cope with this problem. If your adolescent’s behavior has changed while taking Flovent, be with him. There cannot be suicidal thoughts, but your support and help are important for him or her.