Ampicillin is a generic antibiotic that treats various bacterial infections of ear, urine, chest. The drug is a variation of penicillin and should not be prescribed to those who are allergic to penicillin or other drugs of the group. The group includes Amoxil, Dynapen, Bactocil, Geocillin and so on. So, do not buy Ampicillin if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction of your body to one of the abovementioned drugs.
Ampicillin can be used as a part of therapy for infections, caused by Shigella, Salmonella, E. coli, H. influenzae, P. mirabilis, N. gonorrhoeae, enterococci, gram-positive organisms that are susceptible to ampicillin. The medicine is taken to kill these bacteria and prevent their growth and spreading in the body. The following bacteria are resistant to the drug’s effect: Enterobacteriaceae, Escherichia coli (ESBL), Klebsiella oxytoca.
Ampicillin is available in 3 drug formations: capsules, injection and oral solution.
Before you buy Ampicillin, check out the Patient Information Leaflet to know about side effects and contraindications. Notify your doctor if you experience one of the following problems: asthma, a bleeding disease, blood clotting disorder, kidney problems, glandular fever, mononucleosis and diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics (specify the latter exactly). Besides, your doctor should know if you take some contraceptives. Ampicillin weakens the effect of birth control pills that may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. It is possible the doctor will suggest you to change the method of contraception.
The drug should be taken exactly as it is directed by your physician. Do not change prescribed dosage and period of time to take the remedy. Otherwise, you may experience such phenomenon as multidrug resistance. It’s not a good decision to buy Ampicillin for such infections as common cold or flu. The antibiotic cannot treat viral infections.
Do not give Ampicillin to another person, even if the symptoms you both have coincide. And don’t advise your acquaintances to buy Ampicillin as well. Remember, a doctor takes into consideration every individual peculiarities of his patient so that the remedy could relieve the symptoms while determining a dose. The incorrect use of the drug may result in various problems with health and impossibility to treat bacterial infections with this exactly drug.
Ampicillin may have side effects that are similar to those of other antibiotics. They may appear as diarrhea, headache, feeling sick or a rush face. But these effects are quite rare and if they continue for a long time you should consult your doctor.
Inform your GP if you are pregnant or you plan to become pregnant in the nearest future. The antibiotic can penetrate into breast milk and influence a suckling child negatively that’s why a breast-feeding mother shouldn’t take the antibiotic.
The same if you have to take other medicaments simultaneously with Ampicillin.
Ampicillin antibiotic is available in any of local drugstores on prescription. If you don’t have a prescription, you may buy Ampicillin online over the counter. Before taking the remedy, read the inserted directions for using thoroughly.